18 May 2008

Fun with poorly translated, imported product labels in Addis Ababa:

Shirt series: we always keep the intonation of appearance supremacy of quality and the self nobility are all the distinctions of a modern leader's confidence.

Facial cleanser: Nurse Skin
The temperate clean surface, while the clean pore in-depth dirt, oil, gives the fresh comprehensively to moisten with maintains especially contains the many kinds of natural plants essence, the rich nutrition in-depth seepage flesh, softens cutin, reappears fairly is soft, the transparent skin nature. The natural smooth factor, locks in the moisture content, makes and the skin is smooth crystal clear, presents the pearl brilliance.
APPLICATION METHOD: With the lukewarm water moist face, takes right amount to hand heart, after lightly rubs massages the full froth, then the flushing is clean.
INGREDIENT: fresh lemon, the ginseng, the rose essence, the collagen, the nutrition facto, compound vitamin group, egg, smooth factor, the wet ingredient.

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Suzanne said...

HAHA, I am very interested in finding out what "the wet ingredient" is among other things.