30 May 2008

"Hi! Do you know me? No? I am the friend of your friend... You know... What is his name...? You know, the red one? Oh, what is his name...? Wait... (searches through cell phone) Ah! Yirga! Yes, your friend Yirga! I am his brother and BEST friend."

(-- unfamiliar man who stopped me in the street)

"I...own a small business. I am...a druggist. Yes...I own a drug store."

(-- man on the minibus next to me chewing his way through two bags of khat, in response to my asking him, "What do you do for a living?". Khat is considered an illicit drug under U.S. law.)

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elaine davis said...

yes! I was hopeing you had a blog. now i get to keep up with your adventures!