14 February 2008

The soft glow of candlelight graces the room, waxing and waning as the flame flickers gently in the evening breeze that wafts in from the serenity outside. The air is laced with the sweet scent of eucalyptus. Magnificent chords swell forth from the classical concerto playing on the radio, touching in the soul an inexplicable feeling of connection to a larger, spiritual world and a passion for living. The taste of rich, imported chocolate imparts exquisite pleasure.

With the click of a switch, the room is abruptly illuminated. Harsh light glares from the naked bulb overhead. Jarring static rips through the concerto as the radio signal meets with sudden interference. Slowly, unwillingly, I open my eyes. My landlady's face hovers over me as she stands next to the couch upon which I am reclining. The power has returned, she tells me. Why don't I blow out the candles and turn on the lights? And what am I doing lying there on the couch?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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