7 February 2008

Some odds and ends:

"EasyMac", when one does not have a microwave, becomes merely "NormalMac". Indeed, if the exhortations printed on each packet are to be believed ("Made for the microwave. Just adding boiling water will not cook macaroni."), it actually becomes "SlightlymoredifficultMac".

Mice can, in fact, chew through duct tape, as well as wall plaster, wooden door framing, and crocheted yard pot holders. Multiple layers of duct tape, while an effective stall tactic, are not ultimately a deterrent.

Some people will recount with horror the lifelike nightmares they have experienced under the influence of mefloquine (a malaria prophylaxis). Some people will grin tellingly as they report having enjoyed vivid mefloquine-induced dreams of quite another kind. My mefloquine dreams of late have been about food. Last night's featured Papa John's Pizza ("The Works"), Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Sam Adams Black Lager. I'm not sure exactly what this says about me.

We have kept two puppies from our dog's six-puppy litter, a female and a male. I named them Dounia and Raskol(nikov). I was reading Crime and Punishment at the time. If I ever have children of my own, keep me away from classic literature during my term, especially from the Russian authors.

I've made good friends of the armed guards posted outside my bank. I feel this has been a strategic move on my part. If major crisis strikes here, tell those leading the evacuation efforts that I have taken up refuge inside the Abyssinia Bank.

I ate a canned ham. All of it in one day, in fact, since I have no means by which to keep leftovers. Granted it was a small one; granted it was a real Hickory Farms ham and not its rather more dubious cousin, Spam; granted I ate it with sharp cheddar cheese, my first real cheese since being here, gifted to me by my beloved fellow Clemson alum PCV (God bless the Clemson Family!)…but it's still not something I'm proud of. I've heard admission is the first step to healing. Thanks for listening.

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